Why ensuring employees with cyber hygiene is important for all organizations?

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Current times have witnessed a large percentage of cyber breaches resulting from human errors. For example, the famous WannaCry ransomware attack that affected the entire world in 2017 increased due to negligence of security teams in ensuring  if the required patch had been installed.

Preventing human errors is not easy. It is not a problem that an organization can just throw money at and hope for the best. It requires the creation of a cybersecurity culture where employees are aware of the consequences of their actions. Creating an environment where employees understand that simple actions (such as not changing passwords) can lead to long-term consequences.

Lead from the top

Security best practices and procedures need to be implemented organization wide right from the senior management. Building a security aware culture where employees know the rules and procedures can go a long way into setting up a good reflex to common threat vectors. Regular cybersecurity best practices drills and setting out some time to inform employees about emerging threat vectors would be the first steps towards executing a better cyber hygiene.

It is time that security is recognized as everyone’s responsibility and not just an IT function. It is extremely important to break the silos and ensure people are held accountable because cyber breaches do not just affect one department, they affect the entire business. Employees taking accountability and adopting security best practices enables organizations to be better poised in dealing with any emerging cyberthreat.

Creating a culture of trust

Human errors are inevitable. However, the earlier they are identified, the easier it is to handle the consequences. Communication should be kept two-way so that the security administrators can implement contextual remediation measures.

Cyber hygiene practices are a lot like good habits, they are only built through regular repetition. That is why messaging around cybersecurity should be omnipresent across the organization, both offline and online. Employees need to be constantly reminded of the need for good cyber hygiene practices and the cascading consequences of a simple security error. A regular flow of information and communication will ensure that cybersecurity occupies the mindscape of employees.

It is easier to educate employees on these practices when enterprises are backed up with strong cybersecurity solutions. Seqrite offers a range of enterprise cybersecurity tools and state-of-the-art solutions to protect IT assets from all types of attacks. Through indigenous and simplified security solutions, Seqrite provides the answers to enterprise security questions and helps create a cybersecurity-first culture within your organization.

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