Introducing Seqrite HawkkEye – A Centralized Security Solution For The Digital Age

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The evolution of the Work From Anywhere model has led to a highly distributed workforce with a proliferation of devices that are both BYOD and corporate-owned. This proliferation has resulted in an expansion of an enterprise’s attack surface, due to rising adoption of the cloud, mobile device, growths in endpoints, etc.

Disparate Solutions Lead to Duplication & Frustration

The rising number of security threats has resulted in disparate security systems running concurrently with the need to manage an increasing number of diverse devices. Endpoints are managed in two different silos, one for mobile devices and the other for traditional PCs and laptops, resulting in duplication and frustration for cybersecurity teams. This also creates a security risk as there is an exponential increase in the attack surface leading to major issues in managing this expanded landscape, from a compliance perspective. The other problem enterprises are facing is that their resources are spent on replication of the same processes at different layers.

The need of the hour is a centralized solution that can integrate these silos into one cohesive solution through a centralized console offering IT teams control, visibility, and actionable insights from a single dashboard.

Seqrite HawkkEye, the New-Age Centralized Security Management Solution

To solve the problem, Seqrite has introduced HawkkEye, a single solution for managing multiple security solutions. Through a cloud-based platform, enterprises can easily manage disparate security solutions through the integration of silos into a single pane of truth. This allows faster alerts, quicker identification of risks, and the usage of data for actionable intelligence. The biggest advantage of Seqrite HawkkEye is that malware breaches can be identified and prevented in real-time with only a few clicks required to accelerate vital security functions.

Simplify | Consolidate | Analyze | Act

The key benefits of Seqrite HawkkEye can be illustrated through the following approach:

  • Simplify – Maximize business agility and unlock the hidden potential of the enterprise by simplifying multiple-point product management solutions in one single console.
  • Consolidate – No need to search far and wide across disparate solutions to take your cybersecurity strategy forward. Alerts and data are streamlined in one place to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal to make decisions.
  • Analyze – Real-time insights and threat intelligence are consolidated from across endpoints to ensure you can make data-driven decisions with just a click.
  • Act – Use these insights to act immediately to automate & remediate threats.

Managing Security Posture from an Integrated Console

Seqrite HawkkEye integrates industry-leading solutions into a unified cloud-based console reducing redundant workflows and simplifying investigations. Some of the products integrated into HawkkEye include:

  • Seqrite Endpoint Protection – Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS) offers cutting-edge protection for all connected endpoints from a single platform, by securing endpoints accessing the enterprise network and driving proactive threat recognition in real-time.
  • Seqrite mSuite – Seqrite mSuite provides advanced enterprise mobility management for critical business data to manage mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Seqrite mSuite enables organizations to provide secure mobile devices to their employees while eliminating the risk of data loss and theft.
  • Seqrite Workspace – Seqrite Workspace is a powerful solution to help businesses secure sensitive information and have complete control over data in a BYOD environment. Seqrite Workspace helps organizations to secure sensitive organizational information on personal devices helping to avoid data leakage.
  • Seqrite HawkkHunt – Seqrite HawkkHunt is an advanced threat hunting and incident response solution to prevent tomorrow’s threats today.

Are you ready to obtain ultimate control and visibility into your cybersecurity posture?

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